A 58-year-old guy named Russell Cohen has been working as a substitute driving instructor on Long Island, New York.  And this is NOT how you go from substitute to full-time . . .


On Saturday morning, he showed up DRUNK for a driving lesson with four teenagers, and started making comments about how PRETTY two of the female students were.


Then he made one of them drive him to a diner, and claimed he’d buy them all food . . . but he came back out empty handed and insisted HE needed to drive.


He promptly hit a curb at 50 miles an hour.  Luckily no one got hurt, and they were able to get him to pull over in a McDonald’s parking lot to let them out.


They claimed they were going in to get food, and had a manager call 911.  But before cops could get there, Russell sped off by himself.


But he didn’t get far before rear-ending another car.  And now he’s facing charges for aggravated driving while intoxicated, plus multiple counts of endangering the welfare of a child.


(Newsday / ABC News)