Behind the Scenes with a Morning Bounce Intern - Intern Mustache Man


My name is Rich.  If you’re a listener, you probably know me as “Intern Mustache Man.”

Three months ago, I embarked on my journey as a Morning Bounce intern, and I can honestly say that interning here was one of the most rewarding experiences I have had.

Whether dealing with customers over the phone, editing audio, posting on social media, or operating our insanely-high-tech coffee machine, every day on the Morning Bounce offers a new learning opportunity.

I couldn’t possibly list everything I have learned in these three months in one blog post.  There is simply too much to list.  However, there are five major lessons about radio that I have learned from working as a Morning Bounce intern:

  1. BE ON TIME.  Not just when showing up, but with everything you do.  There is little to no leeway in a morning show schedule, so it is absolutely crucial that you are able to contribute in a timely manner.  The show follows a strict schedule, and it is important to keep pace with all of the segments and work as efficiently as you can.
  2. BE IN THE MOMENT.  When you are working the show, it is important to focus only on the show.  There isn’t time to check social media, text, or even be thinking about other areas of my life.  The show is always happening live and in the now, so it is important that your mind and focus are directed towards the present moment.
  3. GET YOUR HANDS DIRTY. As an intern, your primary role is to learn, and the best way to learn is by digging in and getting your hands dirty!  Don’t be afraid to jump in head first.  Pull that audio.  Answer that phone.  It may be intimidating at first, but the more you jump in in a hands-on sense, the more you will learn as an intern.
  4. TAKE IT ALL IN. Sometimes it’s also important to open your eyes and ears and observe what’s going on around you.  The staff on the show is a wealth of knowledge in and of itself, so sometimes just watching them do their thing is a great way to gain some valuable knowledge and experience.
  5. HAVE FUN. This is the most important lesson of all.  Radio is an exciting field, so make sure you always have fun when you’re here to learn.  If you answer a phone and are having fun, the listener on the other end will hear that and be more enthusiastic.  Having fun is what ensures that show content is compelling to the listener, and for this reason I consider it to be the most important lesson I have learned as a Morning Bounce Intern.

I want to thank Shay Shay, BiGG, and Producer Health Queen Tracy for all of their patience and professionalism throughout this process.  It has been an honor and privilege to help out on the show.  Thanks to all of you, I now can look forward to a career in radio with real experience and confidence.


Intern Mustache Man