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If you’re going to commit a pretty serious crime, you’ve GOT to get something better out of it than this guy did . . . right?

There’s a 24-year-old guy named Robert Sharkey in Bangor, Wales.  And three years ago, he noticed his 68-year-old neighbor’s mail was piling up.  He busted down her door and found that she had died inside of her apartment.

But instead of calling the cops . . . he decided to start using her debit card.

And for the next TWO years, he used it the exact same way every single day:  To order a medium pizza with anchovies on top from Domino’s.

He also used her card to pay for a cell phone and pay some bills . . . and to keep paying to keep her power on, so no one would realize she was dead.

But the majority of the money went to pizza.  He wound up stealing about $15,000 from her . . . $8,000 of which went to Domino’s.

Anyway, he FINALLY got busted this year . . . and he was just convicted of 11 counts of fraud.   He’s going to be sentenced next month, and he should be getting jail time.  (BBC


Man stole dead neighbour's bank card and used it to spend £6,000 on Domino's pizza. Robert Sharkey, who now lives in Grays Hill, Bangor, broke into Marie Conlon's house in August 2015, after she had...