A mom who is terrified of Halloween has posted a job ad to take her kids out trick-or-treating. The single mother, who suffers from severe social anxiety, is offering $65-an-hour to look after her three young children.

She said that she gets “very scared at Halloween because of the costumes and speaking to strangers to ask for sweets for the kids.” She posted the ad on Childcare.co.uk, a site connecting parents with nannies, tutors and babysitters.

Her post, submitted last week, is a last resort as she has been unable to find anyone else to treat her kids. The founder of Childchare.co.uk, Richard Conway, said: “When I saw this advert put onto the website, I wanted to help the woman instantly. I got in touch with her to ask how I could help, and promoting this advert seemed like the best way I could help her.”