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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard that Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande’s relationship is over — At least for now.

While undoubtedly the comedian is upset about the split, he seems to be keeping a positive outlook on things.

According to Page Six, Davidson is hopeful that he and Grande will reunite and get back together.

It’s not exactly clear if the pop star has instigated any conversations with Davidson since the split, or if perhaps he’s just really big on wishful thinking.

Despite Pete’s rosey outlook on the breakup, Ariana seemed to take actions that suggested the breakup was more permanent — Such as changing the locks to her apartment and kicking her former boyfriend out.

But, she was photographed earlier in the week covering her Pete tattoo with a bandaid, so she hasn’t done anything to completely remove the tattoo — Yet.

Pete also has several tattoos of Ariana.

Let this be a good reminder to you kids, getting tattoos of your significant other may not always be wise — Especially in the event that you split.

Time will tell if these two former lovebirds make amends, but for now, they are very much broken up.

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