There might not be any move DIRTIER than this.


There’s a 79-year-old doctor named Suellen Lee in Columbia, Tennessee.  And she had to go in front of the Tennessee Board of Medical Examiners last month over a CRAZY case.


Apparently, she’d borrowed $300,000 from an elderly patient who’s been identified as E.W.


And then, when E.W. asked her to pay it back . . . Lee diagnosed her with DEMENTIA.  That meant E.W. couldn’t control her accounts anymore, so it looks like Lee figured it would help her hide the debt.


But E.W. got another doctor to diagnose her . . . and that doctor found NO SIGNS of dementia.  So she filed a complaint against Lee.


Lee denied it . . . well, some of it.  She admitted she borrowed the money and made the dementia diagnosis, but she says E.W. made up the rest, quote, “Because she was so angry with me, because I had said that she was demented.”


But she still wound up turning over her medical license and agreeing to a fine and to pay back the loan in installments.  And now it’s possible that the police could get involved.

(The Tennessean)