The other day I went to my cellphone service provider, turned my iPhone 6 in & upgraded to a shiny new-ish iPhone 8. It is an awesome phone, and perfect for everything I need for working here at the radio station. However this new operating system has some new applications that come standard on every phone now. The one that is ruining my life is called Screen Time.

Think of it as a running timer for how often you use your phone. Screen Time tracks not only how much time you spend on your phone, but breaks it down into categories like Social Networking, Entertainment & Productivity. After the first week I can honestly say that I am ashamed of myself, and how much time I actually spend on that thing. Most of it is spent on social media (go figure in todays world). Screen Time also told me that I don’t spend anytime being productive (again go figure) … All of this is odd for me personally, seeing as I didn’t have social media for most of my adult life. The app made me feel pretty basic, and low-key lazy.

How to start using Screen Time - Apple Support

Screen Time shows you how long you spend using your favorite apps, and lets you set limits to help manage your time. Learn how to reduce interruptions and manage screen time for yourself and your family.


After seeing all of this information, I tried to get out more, and disconnect more from the phone. This week I spent a whopping six hours and eight minutes a day on my phone … Which is down 28% from last week! I took that extra time I had on my hands and joined a gym, went hiking through Stony Creek, and tried to only check my phone twice an hour!

This app will really make you rethink just how you’re spending your time. Moral of the story .. get off of the phone, and go enjoy life some more!