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Halloween Movie Review


The guys from your favorite podcast S & E Top 3 review the new Halloween movie! Come check it out and see if you agree with the guys takes!

Halloween full movie review above!

So its that time of the year again, where its just a little darker outside a little colder outside and the things that go bump in the night have free roam. Of course Im speaking on the greatest time of the year Halloween! Where anyone can be anyone they what to be and movie studios can feed off our paranoia and nostalgia for familiar villains, hence the case for the new Halloween movie!

Micheal Meyers is back and its round two! This movie picks up 40  years later from the original events, how are things going to play out, well if you've ever watched a scary movie before you probably have a great understanding of what is about to go down. With this iteration of the movie franchise  its pretty copy and paste, and not to inventive at all. It only takes the minimalist of chances to fully develop charters, and actually breath new life into the story!

Without going to in depth thats what the video up top is for, this movie lays the ground for sequel bate and not in a good way! There are multiple plot holes and pure luck chances when Michael Meyers decides he's ready to kill. At best this movie leaves you wanting more because you feel like there was so much left to tell in this story and at the same time wanting nothing else because if you look to deeply it all falls apart!

But maybe I'm to jaded to these new age movies like the saw series and the purge films. So go give it a viewing and let me know if Im wrong!

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