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This guy might have really overestimated how much power he was wielding here . . .


David Stewart is the mayor of Lantana, Florida, about 60 miles north of Miami.  He’s in his mid-60s, and he’s been mayor for almost 20 years.


One of his constituents is a woman named Catherine Padilla, who recently wanted the town to install speed bumps in her neighborhood.  And she claims he told her he’d make it happen . . . if she SLEPT with him.


She says he took her to a motel . . . tried to get her to trade sex for speed bumps . . . and wasn’t happy when she turned him down.


She claims he also called her again after that, just to let her know the offer was still on the table.  And she turned him down again.


The town eventually voted to install the speed bumps anyway.  But she says David threatened to have them REMOVED if she wouldn’t get-it-on with him.


He’s denying any of it ever happened.  Now an ethics panel is investigating.


(Palm Beach Post / NBC News)