WWE’S PPV Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia happened and honestly it wasn’t any good!

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So it’s been a couple days now and I’m still left with a bad taste in my mouth! From the series of unfortunate events that have plagued Saudi Arabia in the news to the return of Hulk Hogan it all seemed like a fever dream that left me wanting for someone to shake me out of the nightmare as if Freddy Krueger was chasing me.

Firstly… Hulk Hogan….really WWE?!? Hulk Hogan opened the event saying Hulkamania was running wilder then ever which clearly has been on life-support since Hogan went extra controversial by making a sex tape with his best friends wife and then on said tape proceeds to get very R rated regarding his daughters current dating situation( she happened to be dating a black man and hogan let his disapproval on the matter be known)

Secondly… the tournament to determine the best wrestler in the world was won by Shane McMahon the son of owner Vince McMahon. Who by the way wasn’t in the tournament and is not considered a legitimate wrestler, but placed himself in the final match due to an openers injury.

Thirdly…Fourthly…and Fifthly… WWE completely trolled its fanbase by taking its most prestigious title and putting it on Brock Lesnar. The champion most known for not defending the title and for that matter not even being on the show on a regular basses, completely disrespecting the legacy of the title. So say goodbye to seeing the WWE title on TV!

As a fan of the product i expected more and was highly disappointed maybe the next PPV will be better, I can only hope.

So what did you think of WWE’s Crown Jewel Event PPV?

Article written By Vertis M. Seward II

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