So recently on S&E top 3 we discussed and congratulated Idris Elba winning peoples sexiest man of the year award. I suggested if there was anyone that could unseat this years sexiest man it was the Rock.  How do you feel about it?

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Congrats to Mr. Elba for winning Peoples magazine sexiest man of the year award. An award thats been given out since 1985 but only given to 2 other men of color. The first being Denzel Washington back in 1996 and “The Rock” Dwayne Johnson in 2016.

Much respect to The British born actor who has dominated every role placed in front of him from Drug Kingpin in the wire series HBO playing Stringer Bell to army general of Mech fighting monsters in Pacific Rim to the unbelievable words of Asgard in The THOR series of movies to misunderstood cop in Luther on BBC TV, to being a DJ in his spare time while also spending time between his love of boxing and racing fast cars. Always challenging himself to break the norm and to live life to its utmost every day.

If its anything that Idris Elba shows us its that its never to late to get started in your profession and to take advantage of every opportunity given. His first serious acting started at the age of 24 and he hasn’t let up since. “Learn from your mistakes and embrace what comes next!” he has been quoted saying on his television series Fighter! Something we can all use to better ourselves.

So once again CONGRATS to Idris Elba!


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