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On-Stage Brawl Ends Pusha-T Toronto Concert

Pusha-T performed in Toronto last night and received a not so warm welcome from some fans.

Yes, we’re still talking about the Pusha X Drake rap beef all this time after, but stuff just keeps happening and keeps the feud alive. Maybe not in the actual rappers minds, but fans of the two are still keeping it close to their hearts, especially in Drakes hometown of Toronto.

Pusha performed in Toronto for the first time since his beef with Drake and there were definitely some disgruntled Drake fans in attendance wanting some revenge.

Pusha T Gets Interrupted by Drake Fans at Toronto Concert (FULL VIDEO)

Pusha t was performing in toronto and he ends up getting jumped, shortly after he comes back and performed his diss that he made of drake called infrared Pusha T gets jumped

Now no one knows exactly why this went down but we can all speculate.

Pusha later came back on stage and addressed the crowd and got them hyped again by playing, I Don’t Like.

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How long until this beef is officially over or is this one of those ongoing beefs that just seem to stick around until both of the rappers publicly say it’s done?


Written by Christopher Schweitzer
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