With it being that time of year again. I know a lot of Black Friday shoppers could find this useful. So we here at Set It Off Radio have compiled some of the best Black Friday deals into one easy to read list! There are also links in the list as well so you can find all the best deals at these retailers! Enjoy!

Top 5 Places With Black Friday Deals:

  1. Amazon … No shock here. Amazon has kinda been killing it lately they’ve got hundreds of deals on so many different items. From household appliances to clothing! It’s number one on our list for a reason!
  2. Macys … Kind of the same deal here with amazon. There’s a bunch of different deals both online and in the store for Black Friday!
  3. Walmart … They hands down have the most deals on the most items. They’ve got a Keurig Coffee maker going for $30! That one in red is coming home with me LOL!
  4. The Home Depot … This is a little bit of a surprise but they’ve got deals right now both in-store and online with savings up to 70% off. So if you’re looking for that dishwasher for mom or those tools for dad. This might be the place to be Black Friday.
  5. Overstock … Like Home Depot they’ve got items with up to 70% off and unlike Home Depot they’re offering free shipping!

In my opinion … Save yourself the trouble and stay in on Black Friday! Avoid all this! LOL!

Black Friday fights compilation

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