Winning a game of Monopoly is a better feeling than sex!

Yeah, I said it and I meant every word of it! This thought has been with me all day long. I was invited over to a friends house today to watch The Game. For my non-sports loving readers, the Michigan – Ohio State college football game.

** Side note on today ** (Breakfast + Lunch + Mimosas = WINNING)

Once Michigan started getting trounced on national television, we decided to skip the second half, and settle into a game (Star Wars edition but whatever). That’s when I beat 5 of my friends in a 7 hour slugfest that could have very well ended, or at the least strained a few relationships. Today convinced me that it truly is the only board game in existence that you could lose a friend over. Once the insults about each others mothers start to come out, the game then takes on this weird, ugly, but incredibly entertaining shape. It’s a thing of beauty if you ask me.

The game is so symmetrical to life, which is another appealing aspect of the game in my opinion. For instance in life when you go to jail, you have to pay to get out or do the hard time just ask my friend Billy, he spent quite a while in jail this afternoon! Also when you’re a fool, and make a bad business decision you have to suffer the consequences. You might have to mortgage some properties … Or as my buddy Jimmy knows all too well …  You go bankrupt and lose out of the game in the first hour! Don’t build all those hotels right away if you can’t cash in on them bud!!!!

** Side note on today** (I bled Jimmy’s cash supply dry, and I loved every second of it. LOL!)

When you compare Monopoly to other board games, there isn’t one that even comes close to the joy one gets from playing Monopoly … If you lose a game of Battleship to a friend you just reset the board and go at it again. The same cannot be said when you play Monopoly. You never want to play two Monopoly games back to back. Making the victory for whoever wins even more special.

Diving deeper … You can’t have for sex for 7 hours (believe me I’ve tried) without breaking something of yours, or a trip to the emergency room for your partner. You also can’t have sex with a friend without it ruining the relationship (again believe me I’ve tried). While sex is awesome, and wildly entertaining … I can’t roll snake eyes and land on free parking TWICE, and still go bankrupt during sex … Looking at you Danielle!!! LOL!

In conclusion I’m just extremely competitive & I just really love winning at Monopoly. Also I for sure just used a work forum to rub it into my friends faces that I won today too. I’m not even mad about it. As my wonderful mother would say “Smoke em’ if you got em!”