If this guy had just used Uber to begin with, he wouldn’t have made national news for being a moron . . .


40-year-old Travis Howard got a DUI on Saturday after he rear-ended another car at a stoplight near Fort Myers, Florida.


When cops asked how it happened, he couldn’t remember.  Then he refused a breathalyzer . . . failed several sobriety tests . . . and when they asked for his license, he handed them a hotel room key.


They eventually put him in the back of a cop car.  Then on his way to jail, he FORGOT he’d been arrested . . . thought the cop was an UBER DRIVER . . . and asked if he could go straight to bed when they got to his hotel.


Turns out he has a pretty long rap sheet, and this is his fifth arrest in less than a year.


His new charges include drunk driving, and causing damage to someone else’s property while driving under the influence.