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So it seems like a lot has been going on surrounding the artist known as Tekashi69( real name Daniel Hernandez), currently being held by the FBI, for changers that range from racketeering, organized criminal activity  to putting a hit out on someones life. Tekashi69 has been affiliated with the nine trey gangsta bloods and with this affiliation has gotten into some extremely hot water. Facing anywhere from 7 years to life in prison per charge, which he has 6 of, it is doubtful that we will be hearing any new music from the “FeFe” artist in the near future.

The FBI are said to have an informant within Tekashi69 camp with evidence of recordings and other information against Tekashi69. Now Tekash69’s lawyers are saying that the rapper was not a full fledged gang member and that he only portrayed one to generate views and likes on such platforms as Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and was only pretending to be involved in the gang culture!

Now this reminds me of the story of chicken little but kinda in the inverse; you see where as chicken little ran around saying the sky his falling leading to no one believing him when it was actually happening; in Tekashi69 instance he was claiming to live a life he was not really made for and once the preverbal sky started to fall instead of no one believing he was just Daniel Hernandez he has been looked as as a threat to the community and is now fighting for the rest of his life in court!

Its hard to feel sorry for someone who never listened to the advice of such artist as 50 cent, Fat Joe, and The Game who all have had personal talks with the artist regarding their own gang affiliations but have found ways out of their situations to prosper. Not to even mention that Tekashi69 was already on probation from a sex tape with an underage girl of 13.

Personal opinion: You get what you asked for in this world and if the plan was to fake it to you make it then maybe you need to grow back to the drawing board. A lot of people will tell you he was young and didn’t know what he was really getting into. Well, thats too bad a lot of people are in jail currently for a lot less and the fact that he was already kidnapped by the same people he was claiming to be apart of earlier this year and didn’t take the hint to get away and then he continued to push his image and now has led to him being held on RICO charges. Which  by chance are what the FBI  used to bring down the Italian mob; I’m sorry I don’t wish jail on my worst enemy but sometimes the life you pretend to live will get you caught up in real situations!