PETA says phrases like ‘bring home the bacon’ are comparable to racism and homophobia…

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PETA wants people to stop saying “bring home the bacon” and other phrases that  “perpetuate violence toward animals.”

The organization says that using phrases like, “kill two birds with one stone” would confuse children about their relationship with animals and encourage abuse.

The organization says that the terms are comparable to racism and homophobia and just like we teach our kids not to say things that would demean people, we should also watch what we say about animals.

PETA even went as far as to provide alternate phrases to use on their website, so instead of saying, “bring home the bacon” PETA says you should say, “bring home the bagels.”

Instead of saying, “be a guinea pig” you should say, “be the test tube,” people responded to PETA’s anti-animal language suggestions with humor.

One Twitter user said, “If you “feed a fed horse” isn’t that overfeeding which could be considered a form of abuse?”

…Do YOU think using animal related phrases is comparable to racism?


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