Vitaminwater Will Give Someone $100,000 to Give Up Their Phone for All of 2019!!!

Elliott Wilson Hosts CRWN With Big K.R.I.T. For Presented By vitaminwater

(Photo by Brad Barket/Getty Images for Electus Digital)

If they pick you, you’ll have to go 365 straight days without using your smart phone, iPad, or anyone else’s smart phone or iPad.

AND you have to take a LIE DETECTOR TEST at the end to prove you stuck to the rules!

If you pass, you’ll get the full $100,000…and if you only made it six months, hey, you still get $10,000.

But they don’t want you to be totally screwed in case of emergencies, so they’ll be giving you a, quote, “1996-era cellular telephone” that you can use for calls.

If you’re interested in entering the contest, you need to post on Twitter or Instagram and say how you’d use your year if you didn’t have your smart phone, and use the hashtags #NoPhoneForAYear and #Contest.

Entries are due by January 8th!

***Are YOU interested in the #NoPhoneForAYear challenge?

If so, let us know by hitting us up on Facebook!

Click here for official rules. 

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