Christmas Dinner in a Can ?!?

Yupppp you read that correctly. If you're feeling extra lazy or just feeling like a trip to the hospital on Christmas you can get down on some of this. It's a 9 course meal in a can. Dessert is included as well, pudding is the final layer.

Disgusting Xmas Meal In A Can Is Great For Hardcore Gamers

Join #FOWLERNATION!! For gamers who want to enjoy all the traditional components of a Christmas dinner and don't mind doing so in the most disgusting, least appetizing way possible, we present...Christmas Tinner, the Christmas dinner in a can. Those with sensitive tummies should stop reading now, because this one will haunt your nightmares.


Originally created for gamers who can take themselves away from their games on Christmas Day. To me this is just gross. Gamers do yourself a favor and just eat some leftovers from the night before!