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 Oh man, if the cops are really looking for a guy with a footlong in his pants, then I’m definitely going to get dragged in for questioning.  Heh.

A guy went into a gas station in Lakeland, Florida a few weeks ago and grabbed a footlong sandwich off the shelf.  Then . . . he shoved it down his pants.

He paid for a soda, but walked out without paying for the sandwich.

The cops just put some surveillance stills of him on their Facebook page to see if anyone can help track him down.

And if you’re wondering, they definitely recognized the double entendre nature of the crime.  Quote, “We know what you are thinking.  Please resist, this is a respectable Facebook page.”

Polk County Sheriff's Office

A sandwich thief walks among us, and Detective Leblanc is asking our Facebook Fans to help identify him. Some of you may think we're overdoing it by trying to identify the suspect of a relatively...

(NBC 8 – Tampa