There is a sexual phenomenon that has been sweeping the globe the last few years. It’s called sexually-induced sneezing and its affecting more and more people every year. It breaks down like this … Just as you’re about to reach that toe curling moment, people plagued by this unfortunately, unsexy problem end up sneezing uncontrollably.


“Experts say it could be due to the fact that the inside of the nose has erectile tissue in it, which can swell, in some people, at inopportune times. It’s not a disorder, just a condition, don’t be embarrassed, just say you have allergies!” Says clinical psychologist and sex expert Dr. Joy Browne.

According to … “Scientists believe that some people’s “wires” are crossed in this part of the system, which leads their nerve signals to produce unexpected effects. Sneezing during sex is one such possibility—however, it’s worth noting that uncontrollable sneezing has been documented in response to non-sexual stimuli as well, including bright light or a full stomach. Thus, many different “cross-wirings” appear to be possible.”