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D BAG Of The Day: A Woman Asks a Guy for a Birthday Hug, Then Steals His Wallet

This is why you can't trust anyone anymore . . .

A 31-year-old woman named Deloise Lipsey was driving through downtown Milwaukee with a friend last week.  And she yelled out the window to a guy on the street . . . said it was her birthday . . . and asked for a birthday hug.

He said yes.  So she got out of the car, gave him a hug, and danced in the street with him for a few seconds.  Then she got back in the car and took off.

But it turned out the whole thing was a scam . . . and she only wanted to hug the guy so she could steal his WALLET.

After they drove away, the guy realized his wallet was missing and called the cops.

They were able to track down Deloise's car later that night and arrested her, along with her friend.

It turned out they'd just pulled the same scam on another guy about 20 minutes before the cops found them.  So they're both facing two counts of theft.

(CBS58 / Fox6Now)