Health benefits to having sex?!

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Regularly having good sex can lower blood pressure as effectively as some medicines, a study has found.

Volunteers’ readings had fallen by up to 13 per cent the day after they made love, US scientists discovered.

Taking a water pill diuretic, a common treatment for high blood pressure, achieves similar results, they said.

They believe sex works by boosting the ‘cuddle’ hormone oxytocin that can reduce stress.

The study published in the journal Sexual Medicine saw volunteers have sex while wearing a heart monitor.

They also rated orgasm intensity, rating it from 66 to 106, with an average of 87.

Those involved had an average systolic blood pressure of 115mmHg at the start of the tests. After sex it fell by up to 17mmHg.

Well I’ve heard cheerios are good for your heart, but who wouldn’t prefer sex instead?…  I guess if you think about it sex is technically working out (a form of cardio), so it does make sense.

So the next time you are debating on going to the gym, remember there is always another way to work out….