Groundhog Day is typically celebrated in the U.S. on February 2.  It is tradition for Pennsylvania’s “Punxsutawney Phil” and Michigan’s well-known groundhog named, “Woody the Woodchuck” to be spectated as he does a non-scientific prediction of the future of the weather.  Theoretically, if the groundhog leaves their home and recognizes their shadow (within 30 seconds), they will be frightened and run back inside and we will have six MORE weeks of winter.  If they do not run back inside within the time limit, we expect an early spring.

On February 2, 2019, both groundhogs came out of their home and stayed outside which predicts an early spring (in theory).  How accurate are these traditional predictions?  Well according to StormFax data, Phil the groundhog have only be correct at his predictions 39% of the time (over a 132 year period).

Below is a list of the predictions for Michigan’s Woody the Woodchuck from the past 10 years from StormFax…

2009 Shadow at 7:30 AM; 29º overcast skies as the crowd cheers the Steelers’ Super Bowl XLIII victory.
2010 Shadow at 7:23 AM; 15º hazy sun and a visit from actor Stephen Tobolowsky (Ned Ryerson).
Animal rights group PETA demands Punxsy Phil be replaced by a robot. LOL!
2011 NO Shadow at 7:25 AM; 34º with rain, snow, and ice covering Gobbler’s Knob.
The crowd cheers for Spring and Super Bowl XLV with the Steelers!
2012 Shadow at 7:24 AM; 30º overcast skies with PA Governor Tom Corbett attending the ceremony.
2013 NO Shadow at 7:28 AM; 8º overcast skies with a Saturday crowd of more than 30,000.
2014 Shadow at 7:28 AM; 39º overcast skies with fog. It’s Super Bowl XLVIII Sunday.
2015 Shadow at 7:23 AM; 34º freezing rain and drizzle.
2016 NO Shadow at 7:25 AM; 24º clear skies.
2017 Shadow at 7:23 AM; 27º overcast skies with snow flurries.
2018 Shadow at 7:20 AM; 9º cloudy skies with -7º Wind Chill.
2019 NO Shadow at 7:28 AM; 14º fog & mist with -1º Wind Chill.