Black Monday At General Motors Includes Thousands of Workers Laid Off…

Black Monday at General Motors, with the layoff of thousands of salaried, white-collar employees is part of a $2.5 billion dollar restructuring that includes 5 plant closings in the U.S. and Canada.

GM To Idle Five North American Auto Plants, Cutting Thousands Of Jobs

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GM says it is giving severance packages to salaried employees being laid off that include cash, insurance benefits depending on length of service and help finding new jobs.

A GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio is set to close next month.

The Detroit Hamtramck plant is set to close in June and the biggest plant in Oshawa, Ontario will close by the end of this year.


Ferndale parking rates will double to fund mixed-use development…

San Francisco's Parking Ticket Fees To Become Nation's Most Expensive

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Ferndale city officials unanimously voted Monday to double parking rates and add two more hours per day of paid parking that will be enforced in order to fund the new mixed-use development.

The rate hike will go into effect April 1…

Monday night, city council members met to discuss a number of issues surrounding Ferndale’s mixed-use parking project known as The Dot.

The project, which will add 400 parking spaces to a former street lot behind Rosie O’Grady’s, will take 12 to 15 months to complete.

In the meantime, the city has plans to work around a loss of valuable parking spaces.

The city says the new revenue is needed to help pay for the new, $20 million capital investment parking structure because investors consider the project riskier than road investments, therefore, they need cash in escrow as collateral.

Parking for the most part WAS reasonably rated…

How do YOU feel about the new fee increase?


Urban Outfitters Sells Emoji-Shaped Vibrators, and of COURSE, There’s an Eggplant One!

Solar Eclipse Visible Across Swath Of U.S.

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Urban Outfitters is selling emoji-inspired vibrators — and yes, they’re just as discreet and playful as you’d imagine!

The colorful sex toys hail from a company aptly known as Emojibator, which empowers females to close the “climax gap,” seeing as women reportedly have a whopping 30 percent fewer orgasms than men do…

There are five different Emojibator devices available on, including a chili pepper-shaped toy that’ll make you sweat just as much as a real one, and an eggplant shaped vibrator.