Who's Ready For Cardi B in 2020?

Cardi B and polotics...do those two things fit together in any way?

Cardi B Rules Out Political Run...so sorry to bust your bubble but, there will be NO Cardi B for 2020!  Even though she has been outspoken about politics lately, don't look for Cardi to run for political office anytime soon.

When asked by Extra if she'd be interested in politics, Cardi emphatically said, "No, no, no."

Cardi was asked if she was going to accept the invitation to attend a reception held by the Polk County Democrats in Iowa when she comes to Des Moines for a May tour stop.

She said, "That would really scare me, but I wouldn’t mind. I would talk just how I talk." She said she would be ok “if a curse word gonna come out.”

Do you think an entertainer will enter the presidential race for 2020? Who's most likely to do it?