T.I is over it with Gucci and does not accept their apology. Social media let Gucci have it over a sweater that appeared to mimic blackface.

He took to his Instagram to say, as a 7 figure/yr customer and long time supporter of your brand y’all got us f-d up. APOLOGY NOT ACCEPTED. He said he don’t care if he has to wear Target brand clothing. He also posted a “call to action.” He has two items, stop buying Gucci for the next three months, if you own anything Gucci do not wear it, and then he wants you to share the call to action with your network. Celebrity blogger, BallerAlert, asked T.I if the boycott of Gucci includes Dapper Dan. He is an African American fashion designer from Harlem, New York. Gucci and Dapper Dan recently collaborated on a collection.  He responded, does it have a Gucci tag and sold in a Gucci store? We assume that the boycott includes Dapper Dan. Do you accept Gucci’s apology? Are you going to boycott the brand?