This story comes to us all the way from the Lone Star State of Texas! It makes you think just what is this world coming to? Also this grandma is the grandma of the year!
According to police this grandma fought off would be attackers with her granddaughters scooter! The video is insane! The attackers approached the vehicle wearing clown masks and put a machete to her husbands neck!

Grandma Fights Attackers in Clown Masks with Scooter

A husband and wife teamed up to fend off two men wearing clown masks who tried to rob them with a machete, according to police. The bizarre scene unfolded in the early morning hours of Feb. 1. Police say the two suspects, Jose Lugo and Luis Jimenez, approached a husband and wife in their driveway as they were sitting in their truck.

That’s when Aretha Cardinal sprung into action! Swinging her granddaughters scooter at the would be assailants! Great job Mrs. Cardinal! Grandma of the year award goes to you!