Against all odds, Detroit-native, Toni Harris is looking to be the first female player in the NFL.  Harris is a graduate of Redford Union High School in 2014 and was the first girl to play football at the school her junior year for the JV team.

Throughout her life Toni has been through the foster system in her youth, been cut from a team in fear of her playing with other boys and also diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer.  Harris has overcome her obstacles and continued to prosper as a safety and cornerback at East Los Angeles College.

Toni Harris was featured in the Toyota halftime commercial during the big game on Sunday, February 3, 2019 and offers from other colleges and even a possible movie from Disney has been in consideration.  Harris says she has visions every night about playing professional football, which is her ultimate goal.

You can keep up with Toni on her road to her dream via Twitter below.  Good Luck Toni! #TEamToniHarris