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This New Treat From McDonald’s Will Have You Back For More!

Are you ready for the donuts??!

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The long-rumored debut of McDonald’s Donut Sticks was confirmed  on Monday, they’ll be available Feb. 20 for a limited time.

The sugary morning breakfast snack will be available in half-dozen or full-dozen orders and will only be sold during breakfast time, the chain said.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s confirmed Donut Sticks were tested at restaurant locations in California, Florida, Oklahoma and Washington last fall.

But the company had remained tight-lipped about the rumors, until Monday when McDonald’s confirmed Donuts Sticks would launch at U.S. restaurants next Wednesday.

These look too good to not try at least once!
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Donut Sticks are sweet, doughy and deep-fried donuts sprinkled with cinnamon sugar.  I might have to break my diet to try these….