Who says your birthdays have to get less wild once you’re older?

There’s a guy in Moore, Utah named Dennis Butler . . . and he turned 66 on Friday.

And to celebrate, he got in his car . . . and started trying to ram into other people on the road.  Then he got out of his car and mooned everyone on the road.

Then he got back in his car and saw a cop.  So Dennis tried to ram head-on into him too . . . and when the cop swerved off the road to get out of the way, Dennis flipped him off.

The cop got into a high-speed chase with Dennis . . . which topped out at 100 miles-per-hour before Dennis got to his house and stopped.

He was arrested on several felony charges.

It’s not clear if he was drunk or not, but he has plenty of drunk driving and reckless driving charges in his past.