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Here’s a new reason to consider Triple-A.  They’re a lot less likely to report your illegal activity . . .

An 18-year-old in northern Arkansas named Carter Pyle recently called the cops after he locked BOTH sets of his keys in his car.  His regular set, and his back-up set.  (It happened in Mountain Home, Arkansas, just south of the Missouri border.)

Apparently it was a slow day, because a cop actually showed up to help him out.  Which was nice.  But while they were jimmying his door open, they noticed three compressed bags of MARIJUANA in the back seat that were just sitting out in plain view.

Once the cop got the door open, he asked Carter what the bags were filled with, and he admitted it was pot.

A gym bag in his car had even more weed in it.  In all, they found over a POUND of marijuana in his car.

He’s now facing charges for possession of marijuana with intent to deliver.