Drink Wine In Any Public Setting Without Anyone Knowing......

Wine on the go??....

Drink wine in public without anyone noticing!

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So this genius invention was created two years ago, (the wine purse).  These purses hold up to two bottles of wine and have a secret spout so you can pour a glass of wine whenever, wherever, without anyone noticing.  Since the bags release it has gotten some upgrades, but nothing as great as the new model, the Portovino Double Pour Tote.

Like the original, this new bag holds two bottles of wine, but with a special difference, it's got two separate compartments to hold wine, as well as two separate spouts. This new feature makes the tote more convenient for wine drinkers.

This bag is made with vegan leather and comes in two colors, merlot and chardonnay. The inside is made of soft cotton and is surprisingly roomy, even when it's filled up with wine. You could easily stash all your essentials (and maybe even a few cups) in there

Is this the perfect mother's day gift? Birthday present? Bachelorette party contribution?