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“I don’t have kids of my own, that is my child,” said Marisa Szabla. “He’s my baby I’m panicking.”

Marisa Szabla says her dog Hercules was stolen from her backyard in Taylor.

A close friend that was dog sitting let the pup outside in the backyard.  When she went back to let him in, he was gone!

“later running into a neighbor and the neighbor said I saw a man with a dog in his jacket,” Szabla said.

The neighbor said he had a Yorkie in his jacket – and took him into the Dawg House Bar.

“He was in the bar auctioning off my dog like ‘$25, $30, $35,” Szabla said. “Somebody bought him for $25.”

“A teacup Yorkie is worth more than $800,” Szabla said.

Unfortunately she’s been unable to locate the dog thief or the buyer.

“All I’m asking is for tips or if anyone has seen him, anywhere,” Szabla said.

“I want justice,” she said. “It’s inhumane to sit there and steal a Teacup Yorkie.”

Marisa said she’s lonely without her Pup!  Be careful dog owners. Apparently dog-napping is becoming a thing.  If you can afford it. . .get the pup a microchip!!!  Find us on Twitter