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Ciara really opens up..

Ciara is giving details on how she built a strong foundation of love with her husband, Russell Wilson before they jumped the broom.

During a recent interview with InStyle she talked about how she and Russel did not have ANY sex before marriage stating

“That took a lot of prayer, It was hard. I can’t lie.”

In the absence of sex, the couple really got the chance to cultivate friendship to solidify their love.

“I really believe that when you focus on a friendship, you have the opportunity to build a strong foundation for a relationship, Once you know you’re really great friends and you’re what we call ‘equally yoked,’ where you share the same values or the same outlook on life, it kind of sets the tone… You shouldn’t feel like you have to give your body away to get someone to like you. 

Ciara famously had a tumultuous fallout with rapper Future, sharing her first child with the ‘Molly Percocet’ lyricist. But her happily ever after was on the other side of heartbreak.

“If you want to get somewhere in life, you’ve got to have a compass. You’ve got to know where you really want to get to,” the singer told the mag, talking about her former relationship.

. “And my heart, soul, spirit, and mind just desired to be loved. To be truly loved the right way… I knew I didn’t want to cry tears of hurt anymore. I didn’t want to keep going around in circles.”“I have to give credit to my husband for sharing those views,” she gushed. “It’s awesome how it all worked out.”

The 33-year-old and her hubby are planning to expand their budding family more..after Ciara takes care of her growing businesses.

“I want to have as many kids as I can,” she told InStyle.

“My kids keep me young. They keep me active. They give me purpose. They just make it all make sense.”

Do you agree with her belief system?