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You’re kidding me right … I know it’s innocent till proven guilty but …

This dude really did that ish. According to NPR the Empire actor has plead not guilty today to “16 felony counts of disorderly conduct, maintaining his innocence amid allegations that he faked a possible hate crime against himself earlier this year.”

When the report of him being attacked for being gay and black surfaced, obviously people like myself lunged to support him and wished for a speedy recover and a better wellbeing.

Jussie Smollett FULL Interview on alleged attack | ABC News Exclusive

"Empire" star breaks his silence in an exclusive interview with ABC News' Robin Roberts. READ MORE: 'Empire' star Jussie Smollett shares powerful message to LGBTQ community after suspected hate crime READ MORE: 'Empire' star heartbroken over criticism after attack: 'You don't even want to see the truth' Smollett, who portrays a gay musician on Fox's "Empire," said the attack happened on Jan.


However its right after this interview when things started to unravel for the TV star. Since the emergence of more incriminating  information came to light he’s gone from public darling, to public enemy number one in a lot of peoples eyes. In my opinion it’s really sad. Here is a successful openly gay man in America and it still wasn’t enough for him, he wanted even more.

Once again greed won out. If he is found guilty and convicted Smollett is facing 3 years in prison.