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This Restaurant Just Launched a Subscription Coffee Program!

Coffee can be expensive--a daily trip to Starbucks will cost you $150 a month.  But one restaurant is changing the coffee game with it's insane new offer.

Burger King will now offer customers one cup of coffee per day as a monthly subscription service--at a crazy low price.

For only $5.00, BK Café Coffee Subscription members can get one small cup of fresh coffee every day for a whole month.

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In advertisements, Burger King is taking direct aim at the biggest player in the coffee world: Starbucks.

Their advertisements urge customers to "Enjoy BK Café for a month for the price of a large cappuccino from Starbucks."

Customers can use the Burger King app to sign up for the monthly deal.  Once you sign up, you use the app to get one cup of coffee a day for a whole month.

At $5.00 a month, that averages out to about 17 cents for each cup.

What do you think about this deal?  Will you sign up for the BK Café Coffee Subscription program?

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