An 84-year-old woman is at risk of losing her home after her monthly social security checks have been cut because the government says she owes $220,000 for college loans, however, there’s one problem, she never went to college. Mamie Walker says she had to get a job as a farm hand at a young age to help her family and never attended college. Walker has received letters saying 15 percent of her social security would be taken to pay back the college debt. Walker’s son has been helping his mother with her bills but with Walker missing out on almost $1,500 a month, the bills are adding up and her son, Morrison can’t pay for his bills and hers. Walker didn’t receive her check in February or March and received a letter saying that she wouldn’t get another check before 2031. “I’ll probably be dead by then,” Mamie said. The social security administration told the Walkers that it was probably “fraud” but offered them no help. Has. a clerical error wrecked your life, tell your story.