Detroit church pays homeless to help clean up the city and, we think this idea is brilliant!

The money is coming from donations sent to the Better WAY Detroit initiative, which is hosted out of the Oratory of St. Philip Neri.

Winter Snow Blankets The South Of England

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Designed to help put a little cash in the pockets of the homeless, it uses the honest-work-for-honest-pay code, and cleans up the city in the process.

The brainchild of Father Marko Djonovic of the Midtown parish of Our Lady of the Rosary, he’s found himself inspired by the effect it’s had on those who have tag along.

A few times a week, Djonovic drives his large white suburban truck to shelters and sites where he knows homeless people sleep.

Each time, different people are given the opportunity to help clean up a part of the city and get $10 an hour for their work.

While the initiative started as a way to clean up Detroit’s public parks, it has evolved into a system of beautifying some of the city’s blighted neighborhoods.

At the end of the shift, the group eats lunch and discuss where they’re at in life.

The church then looks at connecting them with housing and medical services.

The church and the city should not be rivals,” Djonovic said. “We should be working as a team and I think this is an excellent example of how we can work as a team and help the city.”

If you’d like to donate to Better WAY Detroit, CLICK HERE  scroll down and click the ‘donate’ button!


Woman Gives Birth To 6 Babies In Just 9 Minutes!

Huggies And Walgreens Donate 250,000 Diapers To Chicago Nonprofit With David Ross

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A Texas woman is going to be changing diapers and preparing bottles for quite a while after giving birth to 6 babies.

The most interesting part of the births was that it was all done within a 9-minute time span on Friday.

The babies are in stable condition and will be cared for at the local hospital.Yahoo says the odds of having sextuplets are 1 in 4.7 billion.

What would be YOUR advice to the new mom of six?


Ryan Reynolds Wins The Sexiest “Sexiest Man Alive” Magazine Cover

'Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garcons: Art Of The In-Between' Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

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“People” has been doing its Sexiest Man Alive thing since 1985…

Users at are rating all the Sexiest Man Alive covers from “People” magazine.

They’ve decided that Ryan Reynolds’ cover from 2010 is the sexiest, followed by Chris Hemsworth from 2014 and Hugh Jackman from 2008.

Users at have been rating all the covers, and so far the top vote-getter is RYAN REYNOLDS from 2010.  Check out the Top 20:

1.  Ryan Reynolds, 2010

2.  Chris Hemsworth, 2014

3.  Hugh Jackman, 2008

4.  Idris Elba, 2018

5.  Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, 2016

6.  Bradley Cooper, 2011

7.  David Beckham, 2015

8.  Channing Tatum, 2012

9.  George Clooney, 1997

10.  Brad Pitt, 1995

11.  George Clooney, 2006

12.  Denzel Washington, 1996

13.  Matthew McConaughey, 2005

14.  Brad Pitt, 2000

15.  Johnny Depp, 2003

16.  Adam Levin, 2013

17.  Patrick Swayze, 1991

18.  Pierce Brosnan, 2001

19.  Johnny Depp, 2009

20.  Mark Harmon, 1986

Obviously, some people are on the list more than once because they were Sexiest Man Alive more than once.

Coming in DEAD LAST is NICK NOLTE’s 1992 cover, followed by HARRY HAMLIN from 1987 and TOM CRUISE from 1990.

One spot up from Tom is 2017’s controversial choice of BLAKE SHELTON . . . and one spot ahead of him is the man who started it all, Mel Gibson from 1985.