Not going to lie, I totally applied for this job today!

One lucky person will be selected to have the job of the century. All you have to do is stay up for 20 hours straight and watch all the Marvel movies back to back!

That’s right … This is a real job up for grabs. The only stipulation is that you have to live tweet while you do it which is easy as hell if you ask me! You can apply right here and it appears that the company will have someone selected within the next few months.

According to their website … “If this sounds like the perfect job for you, just fill out our application form with around 200 words making your case—we’re looking for fun and articulate voices, so make it count.Include your level of Marvel expertise/fanaticism, and social media platforms you’re active on (Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Twitch, etc.).”

Avengers Endgame hits theaters April 26th so this would be the best way to catch up on these movies & you collect a grand doing it too!