Most women would live a dream come true if they could lie in bed all day instead of going to work and still make money; that may not be out of reach after-all.  NASA is looking to research the effects of weightlessness on the human body by having a woman lie in bed for 60 straight days with a $19,000 reward attached.

It’s called “Terrestrial astronauts wanted!” and it states that bed rest simulates the conditions that the human body experiences in weightlessness.  The subjects would spend two weeks prior for lab testing, two months in “bed rest” and another two weeks afterwards for more testing (and to literally help you learn to walk again).

Do you have what it takes?  Women 24 through 55 who are healthy, non-smoking and (the kicker) MUST SPEAK GERMAN.

The NASA study in conducted in Germany by the way.  If you think it’s worth your investment, Google “Terrestrial astronauts wanted!” and shoot your shot.