Aparantly, Kanye West is continuing to show his allegiance to the Trump family, West is working with Ivanka Trump on a “Make America Yeezus” fashion line.

After Trump’s clothing line started to decline after the election of her father, stores pulled her clothes from their shelves but Kanye says he’s confident he can help sells soar.

“Everything I touch turns to gold,” West said. “With ‘Make America Yeezus’ I’m putting the Ivanka Trump name back on the fashion map.

”The “Make America Yeezus” collection will consist of shirts that read “Slavery was a choice” confederate flag sweatpants; white sweatshirts with pointed hoods which Kanye says is meant to “take back” the white hood imagery associated with the KKK; and plain red baseball caps that read “Make America Yeezus.”

Is this for real?! …we’re thinking this an April Fool’s joke but, who knows with Kanye…

What do you think of Kanye and Ivanka Trump’s pending collaboration?

Do you believe that people will wear the clothing with the intention of changing the narrative?

Celebrity Hearing Mission With Starkey Hearing Foundation - Super Bowl Weekend 2016

(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Starkey Hearing Foundation)

After years of trying to sell his Connecticut home, 50 Cent can finally put a “sold” sign on the 50,000 square foot mansion.
The massive 21-bedroom, 25 bath home sold for $3 million, 50 plans on donating the money to his G-Unity Foundation that gives grants to nonprofits who make life better for low-income communities across the country.
So what does $3 million get you?
…9 kitchens, outdoor infinity pool and grotto, indoor pool, helicopter pad, casino, nightclub, basketball courts, and a pond!

Tracy Morgan joked about a new “role” on Empire during an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live…

Throws jab at Jussie Smollett and admits he 100% DOES NOT believe his attach was real…

Does Tracy Morgan believe Jussie?

Tracy Morgan jokes about Jussie Smollett