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Prince Akeem and Semmi are back!!!!

Nearly 31 years after the release of Coming to America, Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall reunited for a costume fitting that definitely confirmed that a sequel to one of the most popular movies is in the works. Ruth E. Carter, who won an Oscar earlier this year for her work on Black Panther, posed with the comedians and her Academy Award.

Coming to America was released on June 26, 1988, and now we can expect a follow up..that wasn’t a long wait right? lol..better late then never.

A release date has not been set because they are just beginning the early stages of the movie, but everyone is still excited, including celebrities.  Tyrese took to twitter stating

“Wooooooow this is going to be a mind blowing movie!!!!!!!!! Excited and charged up in a real way……. Love you guys EM! Legend!!! AH!!! legend… RC Legend!!! Get it done guys!!!!!!”

I know I can speak for most of you when I say “I will definitely be checking this movie out!”