Documents Say R. Kelly Only Has $625 To His Name!

R. Kelly’s financial issues are no longer trapped in the closet…

Besides the $160,000 in child support that he’s since paid, Kelly’s landlord successfully sued him and won a judgment of $173,000!

The win made creditors come calling to see what else they could get from the disgraced R&B singer…

Since the subpoena from creditors, it’s been revealed that R. Kelly only has $625 in his accounts and that still leaves a balance of $50,000 that’s owed to his landlord.

If those money woes aren’t enough Kelly is still facing fines of $66,000 a day for code violations in the studio where he wasn’t paying rent.

Do you think that R. Kelly will ever go to jail?

Is the embarrassment of his money issues enough for you?


Tiger Woods Wins His Fifth Masters Tournament On Sunday!

Tiger Wood’s won Sunday’s Masters Tournament which makes this his fifth win and fifteenth major title, and his fans couldn’t be more proud!

He ended up shooting a 2-under par 70 for the win!

Tiger’s now one win behind golf legend Sam Snead’s career record number of 82 wins.

His Masters win is a major comeback.

Eleven years had passed since he’s last won a major.

Do YOU think Tiger will end up beating Sam Snead’s record?

Will Tiger keep himself out of the press for bad behavior?




Men’s Beards Are Filled With More Bacteria Than Dog Fur?!

Dogs lick garbage, dirt, and clean themselves…

Yet dog’s fur is STILL are more hygienic than, according to a new study, men’s BEARDS!

New study out of Switzerland showed that almost half of the men tested had a bacteria called “Microbial” in their beards that could make someone sick.

Do YOU prefer clean cut or a beard?