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A New York mother is fighting a $115 parking ticket she received while breastfeeding her 3-week old daughter.  The mother says she was frantic to feed her crying, hungry child and pulled into a commercial parking zone.

While she was in her van’s backseat, nursing on one side and pumping on the other, an NYPD tow truck pulled up to tow her.

She says she had to honk her van’s horn cause the officer was about to tow her vehicle without even checking for passengers.

Once the officer walked up to the vehicle, she told him she was breastfeeding.

He then laid a $115 parking ticket on her van’s window.

She’s fighting the ticket and is asking for help from breastfeeding advocates.

Manhattan mom ticketed while breastfeeding baby in parked car

Guillermina Rodriguez says she was driving when her 3-week-old baby girl was crying and needed to be fed. With traffic piling up, she pulled over on 8th Avenue near Penn Station, in a no-standing commercial zone. While breastfeeding her infant in the backseat, a traffic officer pulled up with a tow truck.

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