Airlines currently use estimates to determine how much fuel will be required for each flight based on the number of men, women, and children on board.

Travelers Fight Crowds On Busiest Travel Day Of Holiday Season

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They then top off the tank with a little extra, just to be safe.

But all that extra weight causes the plane to burn more, costing the companies and adding to carbon emissions.

Across the pond, the British-based Fuel Matrix is in talks with airlines to weigh passengers before boarding, in an effort to have more exact calculations.

The idea would be to ask passengers to step on a pressure pad scale either at check-in or during security screenings, with the data confidentially transmitted back to the airline.

Does this seem like an invasion of privacy? Do the savings outweigh the concerns?



You can return Amazon items at Kohl’s stores starting in July

All Kohl’s stores will be accepting free unpackaged returns for Amazon customers starting in July!

Stock Markets Re-Open After Dow Takes A Deep Dive

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Kohl’s and Amazon will roll out the program to all Kohl’s locations across 48 states.

The store will accept eligible Amazon items, without a box or label, and return them for customers for free, providing additional service and convenience to Amazon customers.

The items can be returned free of charge regardless of return reason and regardless of whether the items are packaged or unpackaged for shipping.