This Boyfriend Gives Girlfriend STRICT SET OF RULES For Seeing “Avengers: Endgame”

A lot of people will be heading to the movie theaters this weekend to finally get the superhero answers they’ve been waiting for now that “Avengers: Endgame” is finally out.

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And for a lot of people, seeing this movie is a big deal, and they don’t want anything ruining it…

for one fella, the movie is such a big deal that he gave his girlfriend a list of rules she must follow for their upcoming date night seeing the flick and he’s pretty strict.

The woman, Kamilla Rose shared the list she was given by her boyfriend Cyrille Sokpor on Twitter and it certainly got a huge reaction.

Among the rules:

  • She can’t eat anything throughout the film (including the end credits), although she can quietly drink water. That means no lining up for popcorn.
  • He won’t allow her to pass to go to the bathroom, she needs to find an “alternate route.”
  • She can’t talk to him during the film (including end credits), and even during the trailers.
  • If there’s an emergency involving their child, she’s allowed to leave, but he’s staying behind.
  • After the film they’ll have a “30 minute debrief session” to discuss it, followed by “a period of quiet personal reflection.”
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He also added, “’It is acknowledged that I may not be my usual self post this film. Please do not be alarmed.”

While the rules may seem a bit strict, it seems like most people online are thoroughly on board with them. “I approve of this! And I love your boyfriend! Sending this immediately to mine,” one person noted, while another added, “I laughed so hard…because I think this is more than reasonable.” Finally another admitted, “Not gonna lie, I may just have to pass this message on to mine. He’s a legend for this!”

Do YOU think anything on this list is unreasonable?

Would you add anything to it?

What rules would you give your partner for going to the movies?

Do you have a partner who always ruins movies for you?