$30,000 in cash spilled off the back of a truck in Michigan…Cops are asking motorists to return the money!

Money is slowly trickling into a Michigan police station after a man accidentally spilled $30,000 onto a highway.

A cardboard box full of cash fell from the back of the man’s truck onto US 31 in Grand Haven on Thursday, the city’s Department of Public Safety said.
Police responded after reports that traffic was backing up as motorists stopped to pick up bills “strewn in the roadway.”
“Officers temporarily closed traffic lanes and were assisted by witnesses with picking up the money,” the department said in a statement Thursday.
The owner of the money eventually arrived, telling officers he had been carrying approximately $30,000!
“He said that he inadvertently left the box on the bumper of his truck…
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The box fell off his bumper while he was driving north on Beacon Blvd., sending the cash across the roadway just south of the bridge,” police said.
Police said officers and bystanders eventually recovered $2,470 from the scene and asked anyone who had picked up other bills to take the cash to the Grand Haven Department of Public Safety.
It’s been reported that one woman returned $3,880 and two 17-year-olds had handed in $630.
That leaves approximately $23,000 still blowing in the wind…

Disney’s ‘Avengers: Endgame’ makes box office history!

Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Studios have announced the record-shattering Avengers Endgame box office numbers from the film’s opening weekend, and the totals are staggering…

Marvel Studios' "Avengers: Endgame" Stars Place Handprints In Cement At TCL Chinese Theatre

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“Avengers: Endgame” made box office history by reeling in a record-breaking $1.2 billion in global ticket sales in its opening weekend.

The Disney  blockbuster, which is the 22nd offering from its Marvel Studios superhero franchise, broke the $1 billion barrier IN JUST FIVE DAYS!!!

Not only did the film obliterate the previous opening day and opening weekend numbers in the United States, but it became the first film ever to cross the $1 billion milestone in its opening weekend globally.

Selfies are as Bad for Your Skin as Tanning?!

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As you’re taking a bunch of selfies looking for the perfect shot, you’re exposing your face to a ton of electromagnetic “blue light” rays from the screen.

Hopefully Instagram keeps coming out with better and better filters, because all of those selfies you’re taking are doing AWFUL things to your skin.

Why?  When someone’s taking a selfie, they don’t usually settle for the first one…they usually take a bunch of pictures until one looks perfect.

And having the phone pointed directly at your face like that is just pounding it with electromagnetic “blue light” rays from the screen.