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On Wednesday, the fast-food chain debuted a series of “Real Meals,” a clear counter to McDonald’s iconic Happy Meals. The moods of these boxed meals include the Pissed Meal, Blue Meal, Salty Meal, YAAAS Meal and DGAF Meal.

MoodyMeal_Launch gray[4]

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The Real Meals boxes — which include the Whopper meal or a Whopper, fries, and a drink — are available at a handful of locations in Austin, Seattle, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York City starting Wednesday.

While the Real Meal rollout is limited, it is part of a wider campaign by the chain to promote mental health, with Burger King releasing an atypical commercial of sorts on the subject.

“Not everybody wakes up happy,” a young man says in the starting seconds of the video. “Sometimes you feel sad, scared, crappy. All I ask is that you let me feel my way.”

The video goes on to show a teenage girl discovering the word “skank” carved into her locker, an angry woman yelling that she just told her boss “to go f— himself,” and a young man despairing over student loans. Other people featured in the video are dealing with being ghosted and being judged as a young mother.

The video closes with the words: “No one is happy all the time. And that’s OK.” Images of the different Real Meals then flash on the screen.

Burger King | #FeelYourWay

no one is happy all the time. and that's ok. that's why we created Real Meals in partnership with Mental Health America to encourage everyone to come in and #FeelYourWay. on the 70th anniversary of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, order a Real Meal your way.

Burger King partnered with the nonprofit Mental Health America to launch the Real Meal campaign.