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You Won't Believe What this Airline Did to a Woman's Dog!!!

Many people travel on commercial airlines and, sometimes when people fly, they bring their pets with them.  You won't believe what happened to one woman's dog after she flew on one particular airline.

Amber Dalton was flying from San Francisco, CA to Raleigh, NC on American Airlines with her dog "Roast Beast" flying underneath in the cargo bay.

When Dalton arrived to her connecting flight in Chicago, she was told that the flight to Raleigh could not carry an animal with it in the cargo bay.  The airline offered the woman and her dog a different connecting flight, through Dallas, that would have allowed her and Roast Beast to make it home safely.

The woman accepted, but when she arrived in Dallas she was shocked to find that Roast Beast wasn't with her!

The airline made a huge mistake: it placed Roast Beast on the wrong flight, and instead of Dallas he ended up in Philadelphia!

Cynthia Beasley on Twitter

American Airlines says they are investigating how this dog was put on the wrong flight. Beast and his owner, Amber Dalton, were supposed to land in Raleigh-Durham after leaving San Francisco yesterday... Beast somehow ended up in Philadelphia

Luckily, the dog was located, and an American Airlines official drove the pup to his home in Virginia, where he was met by his concerned-but-relieved owner.

What do you think about this story?  How would you react if you were flying and an airline lost your dog?

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